Museums in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a multitude of museums that are fun for all ages. Take your family or your friends for a museum outing today. This is a list of museums that are located in the the beautiful city of SF. It is not an exhaustive list of Museums in San Francisco and thus I will be updating it with new information all the time.

Museums in San Francisco

Best Museums in San Francisco

If you are looking for the best museums in The Bay you’ve come to the right place. While I don’t believe in superlatives and that everyone has different tastes these are a few of my favorite museums in San Francisco. It’s by no means a complete list but more like a living document. I will be adding more of my favorites right here when I’ve visited them.

  1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art aka the SFMOMA

The SFMOMA is a fantastic art museum that any art historian or art hobbyist will enjoy. I’ve been to the SFMOMA a few times on school trips from middle school to high school. They’ve got expertly curated and ever changing collections of modern art exhibits.

I recall going on a tour with some lovely and informative docents who made every visit enjoyable as well as educational. The SFMOMA is one of the most well known museums in SF and I suggest that anyone planning a trip into the city to highly consider checking it out.

  1. California Academy of Sciences aka the CalAcademy

The California Academy of Sciences is a lot of fun. I went there as a child a few times and have fond memories of the place as well as it’s close proximity to Golden Gate Park. After their remodel quite a few years ago I can definitely say that it’s the the most architecturally stunning scientific museum, aquarium, or even zoo that I have ever been to.

It’s not a huge museum so it doesn’t take long to see everything but each exhibit is exceedingly high quality that I doubt any visitor leaves disappointed. The glass dome meant to be like a rainforest is such a cool experience—it really takes you out of the downtown urban environment into another world. Don’t forget to see the albino American alligator and their other interesting creatures and critters.

  1. de Young Museum

The de Young Museum is a fine art museum located in Golden Gate Park SF. I went here once with some students in my class. Without transportation of our own we relied on public transportation from the SF Muni trains and I’m happy to report that we were able to navigate very well to the museum. For most of the museums in San Francisco, or any city I highly recommend utilizing the public transportation systems to get there. It can save a lot of effort in maintaining your vehicle and finding parking when you arrive at the museum destination of choice.

When I visited the de Young there was a special exhibit that was running, I believe we had to pay a bit extra in admission but it was worth it. I didn’t get a chance to see much else in the museum or the surrounding area of Golden Gate Park. I hope to go back very soon to view all the attractions.

There are so many Museums in San Francisco and this list certainly doesn’t include them all. I will be adding more museums here over time as well as more information about the current museums on this list.